Mindsharing: The Art of Crowdsourcing Everything

By Lior Zoref
Whether we need to make better financial choices, find the love of our life, or transform our career, crowdsourcing is the key to making quicker, wiser, more objective decisions. But few of us even come close to tapping the full potential of our online personal networks. Lior Zoref offers proven guidelines for applying what he calls "mind sharing" in new ways. For instance, he shows how a mother's Facebook update saved the life of a four-year-old boy, and how a manager used LinkedIn to create a year's worth of market research in less than a day. Zoref's clients are using his techniques to innovate and problem-solve in record time. Now he reveals how crowdsourcing has the ability to supercharge our thinking and upgrade every aspect of our lives.

The Internet has become humanity s nervous system, connecting our collective intelligence, knowledge, and desires. In "Mindsharing, "Lior Zoref offers us powerful insights into the nature of crowd wisdom and how this will change the way we make our decisions in every aspect of our lives. Peter H. Diamandis, MD; CEO, X PRIZE Foundation; executive chairman, Singularity University Lior Zoref is a dreamer, an inspiration, and someone who has figured out how to connect the dots and make a meaningful difference in this world. Read this book! It will be one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. Jeff Pulver, cofounder of Vonage; CEO and founder of Pulver.com and "BusinessWeek" Tech Guru" " "" " Mindsharing "is a friendly read, but it is a riveting one. It is proof that the power of collective intelligence can actually improve and protect your life. This one is most definitely worth your time. Stan Slap, author of "Under the Hood" and "Bury My Heart at Conference Room B" One of the best ways to unleash creativity is to leverage the power of connectedness. "Mindsharing" offers several practical tools that help you unleash the creative wisdom of the crowd. Todd Henry, author of "Die Empty "and "The Accidental Creative" Zoref makes a convincing case for crowdsourcing everything from careers to romance. "Kirkus Reviews" For those already comfortable with social media who wish to use it more powerfully, or those who wish to learn about the subject. "Library Journal""


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