Miraculous Silence: A Journey to Illumination and Healing Through Prayer

By Mitra Rahbar
Regardless of where you are in life--whether you're celebrating new beginnings, mourning a loss, weathering a hardship, or seeking inspiration--you will find this book of prayers to be the perfect companion.

At seventeen, Mitra Rahbar left her homeland due to political unrest. However, she would soon find her way in an unfamiliar land through an ever-deepening prayer life that led her to her soul's core. Turning outward, she pursued a life of service--first as a social worker and then as a spiritual teacher, healer, and guide. Having worked with students from many walks of life for more than thirty years, Rahbar has a deep understanding of what spiritual seekers long to learn and how best to teach them.

In Miraculous Silence, she takes us on a journey into the sacred space of prayer and spiritual healing, providing practical guidance on how to pray and meditate, as well as many of her own prayers to inspire and encourage us. Rahbar also suggests images to visualize and meditate on, mantras to recite in every situation, and stones to aid in the healing process. In these practices, prayers, and inspirations, you will find comfort, illumination, and renewal.

"Mitra has been a dear friend and confidante for over twenty years. She is a healer and a teacher to many, a unique beauty and a bright Light. What an invaluable gift she has to offer through these prayers and through her wisdom, which has been born out of her life's journey. Her voice is clear and will guide you, teach you, and inspire you. Wherever you are in your life, whatever challenge you are faced with that you feel is blocking you, there will be some gem found in this book that will help you break through and lead you forward." --Jennifer Aniston"Mitra already brings so much Light and guidance to those of us who know her--I'm thrilled that now, so many others will get to experience this . . . Her poetic prayers are full of wisdom and insight. "Miraculous Silence" will guide you into a sacred space of love through prayer, and leads you on a powerful, meaningful spiritual journey into the heart of God. What a transformative and healing book!" --Sheryl Crow"Mitra's voice is so soothing, and it's wonderful to have these prayers to remind us that we are all Light energy, and we are all one with the universe." --Gisele Bundchen"The mystical beauty in Mitra's poetry and prayers is a precious, timeless gift. She has captured the essence of an audacious, empowering love and the reality of joy." --Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of "Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential""Mitra's many gifts are beautifully reflected in her new inspirational and illuminating work. Her serene yet powerful prayers have helped me find a deeper experience of peace, joy, and love on a daily basis. For all those looking to create a more peaceful world and expand their spiritual path through prayer ... I can think of no better source than Mitra's book to turn to." --Randolph Duke, fashion designer


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