Mistakes Millionaires Make: Lessons from 30 Successful Entrepreneurs

By Harry Clark
Do Millionaires Really Make Mistakes?
We re all fascinated by the brilliant entrepreneur who hits it big with the latest and greatest new idea. We re captivated by the amazing inspiration, the stunning growth, and finally, the huge profit. But what happens when huge risks and unforeseen pitfalls take enterprises down and ruin fortunes in a flash?

The fall from the top is painful and inglorious. CEO coach, author, and speaker Harry Clark and the thirty ultimately successful entrepreneurs he interviewed for Mistakes Millionaires Make know that terrible fate all too well. They lived it. And they recount their experiences involving losses from ten million to two hundred million dollars and the catastrophic effects those losses had on them and their families.

Whether you re a family-business owner or an investor, involved in a huge enterprise or the pizza shop around the corner, Clark s informative and often shocking accounts of entrepreneurial missteps will provide you with key insights into where these thought leaders went wrong, what they learned, and how they got back on their feet again.

CEOs and their teams and families, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone involved in a business of any type or size will benefit from the compelling interviews and the lessons learned about the pitfalls that snagged others.

Mistakes Millionaires Make stands apart from the rest with its fortune-saving recommendations and insights into the risks that all entrepreneurs face every day. Even if you don t have millions, you ll walk away with practical advice for avoiding failure and living a better financial future in whatever business venture you undertake."


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