Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman

By Louis Ferrante
"It pours out spicy tales of Mob lore to make its management points, an approach most execs couldn't refuse." --New York Post

Former mobster Louis Ferrante reveals the surprisingly effective management techniques of organized crime and explains how to apply them in any legitimate business. As an associate of the Gambino Family, he was part of some of the biggest heists in mob history. His talent for management led bosses like John Gotti to rely on him. Now he offers time-tested Mafia wisdom based on true stories, such as:

- Three can keep a secret (if two are dead): Build trust with your colleagues.
- You don't always need a gun to hit a target: Lead people without force.
- It's never personal: When circumstances demand it, never hesitate to pull the trigger.


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