The Monk of Mokha

By Dave Eggers
When Mokhtar Alkhanshali, a young San Franciscan of Yemeni descent, discovers that his family’s homeland gave rise to the modern coffee industry over 500 years ago, he sets out to understand what led to its decline and to lift its current production to global dominance. But will he be able to see his crusade through when Yemen erupts in civil war? Award-winning author Dave Eggers explores the topics of religion, entrepreneurship, ancestry and coming of age in this astonishing true tale.

"Exquisitely interesting... This is about the human capacity to dream--here, there, everywhere." --Gabriel Thompson, San Francisco Chronicle "A cracking tale of intrigue and bravery... A gripping, triumphant adventure story." --Paul Constant, Los Angeles Times

"I wish someone had asked me to blurb The Monk of Mokha so I could have said, 'I couldn't put it down, ' because I couldn't put it down." --Ann Patchett, Parnassas Bookstore blog

"A true account of a scrappy underdog, told in a lively, accessible style... Absolutely as gripping and cinematically dramatic as any fictional cliffhanger." --Michael Lindgren, The Washington Post

"Remarkable... offers hope in the age of Trump... Ends as a kind of breathless thriller as Mokhtar braves militia roadblocks, kidnappings and multiple mortal dangers." --Tim Adams, The Guardian

"A heady brew... Plainspoken but gripping... Dives deep into a crisis but delivers a jolt of uplift as well." --Mark Athitakis, USA Today "A vibrant depiction of courage and passion, interwoven with a detailed history of Yemeni coffee and a timely exploration of Muslim American identity." --David Canfield, Entertainment Weekly

"The Monk of Mokha is not merely about 'coming to America, ' it is a thrilling chronicle of one man's coming-and-going between two beloved homelands--a brilliant mirror on the global community we have become." --Marie Arana, author of American Chica and Bolivar: American Liberator "This American coming of age story reminds us all of how much our country is enriched by all who call it home." --Dalia Mogahed, author of Who Speaks For Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

"Here's a story for our time: filled with ethos and pathos. You'll laugh, cry, and discover worlds unknown to most. From scamming in the Tenderloin to dodging bombs in Yemen, Mokhtar and Eggers take us on a worthwhile ride through the postmodern topography of our times." --Hamza Hanson Yusuf "Like many great works, Eggers' book is multifaceted. It combines, in a single moving narrative, history, politics, biography, psychology, adventure, drama, despair, hope, triumph and the irrepressible, indomitable nature of the human spirit -at its best." --Imam Zaid Shakir "In telling Mokhtar's story with such clarity, honesty, and humor, Eggers allows readers to consider Yemen and Yemenis - long invisible, side-lined, or maligned in the American imagination - in their wonderful and complicated fullness." --Alia Malek, author of The Home That Was Our Country: A Memoir of Syria and A Country Called Amreeka: Arab Roots, American Stories


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ISBN: 9781101947319

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Publisher Knopf Publishing Group
Publish date 01/30/2018
Pages 352
ISBN-13 9781101947319
ISBN-10 1101947314
Language English

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