Moonlighting on the Internet: Make an Extra $1000 Per Month in Just 5-10 Hours Per Week

By Shelby Larson

Moonlighting on the Internet presents the most reliable and proven ways to create extra income for the short term and establish a continual revenue stream for the long term -- giving consideration to your time and lifestyle needs. Internet entrepreneur Shelby Larson does not encourage you to "make money from home in your underwear," or present "the magic-bullet plan to making millions." Instead, Larson shows you how to:

- Assess your skills, resources, and goals
- Evaluate the right profit path for you
- Find clients, create proposals, manage projects, and set rates
- Market your website using smart, high-quality content that ranks well
- Generate traffic using display ads, retargeting, and other traffic drivers
- Distribute content using social media, Q&A sites, and forums
- Create sales funnels using proven traffic strategies and tactics

The thing that sets Moonlighting on the Internet apart from other books is its authenticity and Shelby s dedication to truly helping people change their personal and financial situations for the better. It s refreshing to read a book of this nature that instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions provides real-world, practical guidance based on what s best for you, the reader, and your personal circumstances. Vishen Lakhiani, Founder and CEO of Mindvalley Moonlighting on the Internet cuts through the usual hype and provides you with a book full of realistic, proven strategies to help you create a second income stream. Robert Richman, Culture Strategist and Keynote Speaker, Moonlighting on the Internet lays out the roadmap to begin earning money online and start succeeding. No shiny stuff here, just the facts and blueprints to begin this journey. If you do one thing for yourself this year buy this book. If you can t afford it, steal it. Read it. Follow it. I promise you won t regret it. Brent Weaver, CEO and Founder of Moonlighting on the Internet is your guide to legitimate tactics any person can use to instantly increase their income in just a matter of days. If you believe the internet is the new gold rush, you are right. If you think you can t do it yourself, you are dead wrong. Shelby helps you understand the landscape and win. She is not writing about a theory; she is giving you her proven secrets to get started today. Ronny Lynch, Owner and Founder of Big Baby Agency This is the book I wish I d had when I started my first business almost 20 years ago. Filled with straight talk and proven ideas, Moonlighting on the Internet is about far more than making a living online. It is a wise and compassionate guide to creating a business that will feed your soul as well as your family. If you have ever wanted to start a business (online or not), the buy and read Larson s book. It s the startup guide for the rest of us. Andy Beedle, Principal of Moonlighting on the Internet is the perfect starting point for anyone who is in need of adding even just a couple hundred dollars a month working from home. If you or someone you know is stuck on how to get started doing simple tasks that can help bring in extra money every month, I highly recommend this fantastic resource. No theory, proven models that anyone with an internet connection and a few hours a day can get started with. Jason Katzenback, Founder of Shelby provides real information for real people to get real with Moonlighting on the Internet. If you re looking to create consistent income online and practical solutions without all the BS and hype, that s written by someone who sincerely wants you to succeed, then this book is for you. Glen Ledwell, CEO of Mind Movies"



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