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More Is More: How the Best Companies Go Farther and Work Harder to Create Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Experiences

By Blake Morgan

"Less is more" may be good advice for many efforts, but it is terrible advice when it comes to customer experience. Brands that want to stay relevant must apply more energy, focus, and resources to creating knock-your-socks-off customer experiences than they ever did before. Companies that embrace a "more is more" philosophy work harder and go further to ensure that their customers have a positive experience: they do this through customer-focused strategies and leadership, via operations, policies, and procedures that consider how the customer will fare in every scenario.

Customer experience guru Blake Morgan walks you through the D.O.M.O.R.E. concepts that set businesses up for success by emphasizing the importance of relationships. Companies that do more:

Design something special
Offer a strong employee experience
Modernize with technology
Obsess over the customer
Reward responsibility and accountability
Embrace disruption and innovation

More Is More offers practical advice for building or improving customer experience that you can apply immediately at your own organization. Time is of the essence: your customers are not willing to wait for you to get the customer experience right. Outlining the key areas you need to address immediately, More Is More will help you weather external changes, remain relevant, and thrive in today's ever-changing business landscape.


"Every executive gives lip service to great customer service, some even have sincere intentions; but the troops thin out a bit when it comes down to actually delivering an exceptional customer experience. More Is More, is a much deserved - and very practical anvil to the head for anyone in business who desires to differentiate by truly amazing the customer." -John Venhuizen, President & CEO, Ace Hardware Corp

"A must read for any Chief Customer Officer! More Is More provides new insights into the ever-evolving field of customer experience." - Claire Burns, Chief Customer Officer, MetLife

"Blake Morgan sees the future of what great customer experiences will be, and outlines how you can lead your company there." -John Rossman, Author of The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles of the World's Most Disruptive Company

"Don't get disrupted! More Is More can give you practical tips to reexamine and reinvigorate your organization's approach to understanding and serving your customers' needs." -Zoher Karu, Chief Data Officer, eBay

"More Is More is a great collection of case studies, customer research and recommendations that will get your brain buzzing on how to take your organization's customer experience to the next level." -James Staten, Chief Strategist, Microsoft Cloud

"Blake Morgan's More is More makes a compelling case and provides a clear roadmap for organizations to dig deeper to deliver powerful, differentiating customer experiences." -Peter Horst, former CMO, The Hershey Company


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