Move Up: Por Que Algunas Culturas Avanzan y Otras No?

By Clotaire Rapaille, Andres Roemer
If we all know we must move to survive, shouldn t we ask ourselves which factors in our environment propel us and which halt us? Why do certain societies evolve while others don t? In this book, Andres Roemer and Clotaire Rapaille point out that the most successful cultures are those that are not afraid of the status quo: they have learned to preserve the best qualities of their traditions while being open to innovation and to uncovering new horizons. Another key to the success of these societies is the equilibrium between biological and the cultural aspects. The challenge is to harmonize our instincts, our emotions, and our logic."


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Publisher Taurus
Publish date 02/01/2014
Pages 335
ISBN-13 9786071128416
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