Mr. Okra Sells Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

By Lashon Daley

"Reading Mr. Okra Sells Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, wonderful memories came running through my mind like a river. Being born in New Orleans, the people selling fruits and vegetables were a big part of the community I lived in. This book also brings to life the beauty and history of the city I remember."
--Diane Ferlatte, award-winning storyteller and Grammy nominee

In the morning, when the sun rises, Mr. Okra drives his brightly painted truck through the streets of New Orleans, selling beautiful, fresh produce. He calls out the names of the fruits and vegetables in a voice familiar to any New Orleanian: "I got tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocados! I got mangoes! I got watermelon!" Mr. Okra's fruits are as colorful as Mardi Gras floats. His veggies are lush like the palms in Jackson Square. And his watermelons are St.-Charles-streetcar green on the outside and Canal-Street-streetcar red on the inside.

This beloved Crescent City icon brings fresh food all over the city. Young readers will see how delicious produce reminds them of well-known places all across town. From the Mahalia Jackson Theater to St. Louis Cathedral to the Audubon Zoo, this vibrant, charming book takes readers across New Orleans and to a world of ripe, tasty ingredients.



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ISBN: 9781455621125

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Publisher Pelican Publishing Company
Publish date 09/15/2015
Pages 32
ISBN-13 9781455621125
ISBN-10 1455621129
Language English

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