Murder in the Rockies

By Gary E Smith, G Eldon Smith
As his first case after graduating from an east coast law school, Andrew Coyle travels west to defend a rancher accused of murdering a miner. Public opinion and all the circumstantial evidence are against the accused and his tenderfoot lawyer. Coyle determines that he must find the real killer in order to prove his client’s innocence. But the task proves daunting and he is shot at on two different occasions, nearly burnt up in a cabin fire, and beat up in a barroom brawl. Along the way, Coyle meets the haberdasher’s daughter, and a rocky romance ensues. Sensing that he is loosing the case in the courtroom, Coyle has an inspiration—using technology that is new in the 1890s. It is a gamble, but Coyle’s only chance, and the only way he can save his client from hanging.


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ISBN: 9781938467707

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Publisher Koehler Books
Publish date 12/01/2013
Pages 256
ISBN-13 9781938467707
ISBN-10 1938467701
Language English