My Digital Entertainment for Seniors (Covers Movies, TV, Music, Books and More on Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer)

By Jason R Rich
My Digital Entertainment for Seniors helps bring you into the 21st century when it comes to their entertainment. Each chapter focuses on one aspect of entertainment - television, movies, radio, newspapers and magazines, books, and music and more, and offers clear, easy-to-understand explanations and directions for accessing and enjoying these forms of entertainment using computer, Internet and mobile device technology. My Digital Entertainment for Seniors clearly explains the difference between purchasing and streaming content, such as music or video, plus tells you exactly how to access this content, based on the type of Internet connection and equipment that s being used. For example, if using a smartphone with a preset monthly cellular wireless data (3G/4G/LTE) allocation, you'll learn why it s advantageous to use a Wi-Fi Internet connection from their mobile device to stream or download content. This guide also offers free options for all types of media.
Regardless of what type of media you wish to access, you now have many options. For each type of media, this book explains those options, the pros and cons of each, plus explains exactly how to utilize them using step-by-step, clearly illustrated directions. With My Digital Entertainment for Seniors, you'll develop a comprehensive understanding of digital entertainment, as well as how to access and use it in your everyday life, on devices you already own and pay for."


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ISBN: 9780789756602

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Publisher Que
Publish date 03/07/2016
Pages 432
ISBN-13 9780789756602
ISBN-10 0789756609
Language English

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