My Reality Check Bounced!: The Gen-Y Guide to Cashing in on Your Real-World Dreams

By Jason Ryan Dorsey

It s time to cash your reality check and re-create your life on your own terms.

In your twenties you expect to finally live life on your own terms. But it can seem like the world won t cooperate. Roommates drive you crazy (but you can t afford to lose them), entry-level jobs frustrate you ( Four hundred double-sided copies before lunch, ), and even a dream job can take over your nights and weekends, leaving you feeling like you are running hard but going nowhere.
Jason Ryan Dorsey helps you turn this coming-of-age crisis into opportunity. He shows you the big secret of the real world that you don t realize how much control you have over your life until you use it. In "My Reality Check Bounced!" Jason shows you how to:
Find the courage to climb out of your real-world rut
Create a Future Picture that gets you off your buts
Uncover opportunity and build a tag team to make the most of it
Live like you mean it, and finally cash your reality check."


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For twentysomethings entering the work force, more than a few lessons can be hard-hitting. In the following excerpt from Chapter 7 of My Reality Check Bounced! , Jason Ryan Dorsey shows how to turn difficult past experiences into power and energy for the future. Read more


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