My Struggle, Book One

By Karl Ove Knausgaard
My Struggle: Book One introduces American readers to the audacious, addictive, and profoundly surprising international literary sensation that is the provocative and brilliant six-volume autobiographical novel by Karl Ove Knausgaard. It has already been anointed a Proustian masterpiece and is the rare work of dazzling literary originality that is intensely, irresistibly readable. Unafraid of the big issues death, love, art, fear and yet committed to the intimate details of life as it is lived, My Struggle is an essential work of contemporary literature.


"Out of the ashes of his childhood and the cooling cinders of his youth, Knausgaard has fashioned a memoir that burns with the heat of life." --Christopher Byrd, "Barnes & Noble Review" "One of the more affecting and resonant books I've read in quite some time . . . What's so striking about the book is the terrifying emotional frankness with which Knausgaard confronts his own history." --Alex Balk, "The Awl"



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ISBN: 9780374534141

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Publisher Farrar Straus Giroux
Publish date 05/28/2013
Pages 441
ISBN-13 9780374534141
ISBN-10 0374534144
Language English

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