N=1: How the Uniqueness of Each Individual Is Transforming Healthcare

By John Koster, Gary Bisbee, Ram Charan
This book, "n=1" is a collaboration of physician health system CEO, venture capital entrepreneur and leading global business advisor and best-selling business author. These differing perspectives provide insights into the forces transforming the global society, business and professions with a focus on US healthcare and its transformation. Healthcare leaders must develop the incisive questions that challenge the orthodoxies hindering organizational transformation. Our experience indicates leaders of successful non-healthcare organizations develop cultures of inquiry that guide their organizations through dramatic market change.

Unique individuals are the driving force in the transformation of healthcare. Digitization has democratized information, which feeds the desire of people to act, behave and be treated as unique individuals. Scientific innovation is revealing the importance of our biologic individuality. The financial risk of healthcare is increasingly passed to individuals and providers, fueling changes in financial incentives. An individual with information knows their options, and wants to choose the option most suited to his or her unique healthcare needs and financial means. This profound and fundamental change in the individual s expectations and behavior is accelerating healthcare transformation.

The title of this book, n = 1, is a symbol of the uniqueness of individuals. The n=1 will transform healthcare.

"The authors deliver a well-reasoned and compelling analysis of how the new healthcare consumer is driving the evolution of the health care ecosystem. They put a finer point on the complexities that health plans and providers must contemplate as they transform to better serve an informed consumer." -- Joseph R. Swedish, President and CEO, WellPoint

"Global trends such as digitization and scientific discovery are accelerating the transformation of healthcare. The authors, who are well qualified to address these issues, have nicely described how leaders and trustees of healthcare organizations need to be aware of global trends and incorporate them in the strategy development process." -- Marna Borgstrom, President and CEO, Yale New Haven Health System

"The knowledgeable and insightful authors have outlined how global trends are driving change. They offer important suggestions for all healthcare leaders who are striving to advance patient health and well-being." -- Gregory D. Wasson, President and CEO, Walgreens

"Leaders of healthcare companies and newly minted entrepreneurs would do well to read and follow the suggestions found in this book." -- Dr. Giovanni Colella, Co-Founder and CEO, Castlight Health

"The history has not been written yet on the impact of IT on healthcare. The digitization of the industry will be transformational, just as it has been with everything from music to books to banking. "n=1" offers a compelling view into that entrepreneurial potential and frames the questions that organizations should ask to lead amid the disruption." -- Neal Patterson, Co-Founder and CEO, Cerner Corporation

"Asking, and then answering, the "right question" is essential to the ultimate success of any organization. This seminal work is a must read for any Board member committed to asking the right questions and supporting their CEO and leadership team to navigate the challenges and opportunities of transformation in healthcare." -- Hank Walker, Vice Chairman of the Board, St. Joseph Health, Orange, California and Board member, University of Arizona Health Network, Tucson, Arizona

"The authors discuss the factors transforming health care today and provide an important strategy construct for leaders across the health care ecosystem." -- Karen Ignagni, President and CEO, America s Health Insurance Plans

"I am a firm believer in "n=1." The needs of the individual come first and if we keep the individual in our focus we can transform healthcare delivery, improve health of individuals and thereby improve the health of populations. In order to do so, integration and coordination of a health system is needed." -- Dr. Denis Cortese, Emeritus President and CEO, Mayo Clinic, Healthcare Delivery & Policy Director, Arizona State University

""n=1" highlights the challenges and opportunities facing American healthcare in the era of big data, engaged and knowledgeable consumers, much greater transparency and enormous pressures to control cost while improving quality and service. I highly recommend this book to healthcare leaders and policy makers in their quest for a better health outcome for all Americans." -- Dr. Robert Margolis, Co-Chairman of the Board, DaVita HealthCare Partners and CEO Emeritus of HealthCare Partners

"In an age of rapid health care innovation, the private and public spheres must work in concert to ensure that health system change translates into real improvement for patients, providers and purchasers alike. Policymakers looking to stay on top of the innovation cycle and how it's impacting organizations on the front lines of our evolving health care system will find no better resource than "n=1" and its intrepid authors." -- Chris Dawe, Former White House and Senate Finance Committee Health Policy Advisor "


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