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Negotiating with Backbone: Eight Sales Strategies to Defend Your Price and Value (Revised)

By Reed K Holden
B2B sales professionals: resist mindless discounting, level the playing field against tough procurement organizations, and close the deal on your terms! "Negotiating with Backbone, Second Edition" definitive guide for every sales pro facing the procurement buzzsaw and it s just been updated with even more powerful strategies and techniques! Where traditional purchasing managers negotiated, procurement officials seek to dictate, through multiple tactics with a single intent: to gain unprecedented discounts and concessions. Premier pricing strategist and sales consultant Reed K. Holden gives you the powerful new strategies and tactics you need to protect your margins and get the right deal. Holden guides you through recognizing what purchasing negotiators are really up to, keep value at the forefront of negotiations, and avoiding the mindless discounting that wrecks profitability. Holden details eight strategies for all types of pricing negotiations, including approaches for negotiating with price buyers, relationship buyers, value buyers, and poker players, reverse auctions, and much more. In this Second Edition, he offers extensive new coverage of establishing your foundation of value, and developing crucial give-get options, including value-added services. This book will be an invaluable resource for every B2B sales professional, customer-facing professional, and every executive responsible for leading successful sales organizations. "


Defeat the Procurement Buzzsaw and get the margins you deserve Negotiating with Backbone is part of our culture. We now truly understand the value of our services and know how to turn the negotiations table to our favor, regardless of the type of buyer we are facing. And the icing on the cake is access to Reed for the most difficult negotiations. -Rudy Ploder, President, U.S. Information Solutions, Equifax Our customer-facing teams can confidently communicate and demonstrate our value to multiple buyer types. The Backbone strategies and tools drive real change in sales execution because they have a true understanding of value to the customer. -Lynn Guinn, Global Strategic Pricing Leader, Food Ingredient & Systems, Cargill I have been reading Reed s works for over two decades now. Negotiating with Backbone, 2nd edition, comes with more fine-tuned insights engaging, pragmatic, lucid and devoid of management jargon. It will take your thinking forward, help you craft winning pricing strategies, and arm you with negotiation tactics to better suit today s highly competitive B2B settings. Procurement teams are getting more trained, competition is becoming incredible fierce, while brand and customer loyalty are plummeting. Emerging as well as developed markets are grappling with longer recession cycles that trigger pricing issues and dominate minds of company s top management. -Vishal Kimar, CEO & Entrepreneur, ACMECAST, New Delhi India Procurement relief! Salespeople can unlock the mystery ofprocurement price pressure and bidding wars for less than the price of a dinner."Negotiating with Backbone"is the first negotiation book of its kind that doesn t teach manipulative tricks rather it focuses on winning strategies that turn into orders. Buy it, read it, bank it. Jeffrey Gitomer, author, "Little Red Book of Selling" The Second Edition is Even Better . Prepare for the procurement gauntlet . Counter procurement s cutting-edge models and analytics . Use Give-Gets to restore the link between price and value"


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