New Rules: How to Succeed in Today's Post-Corporate World

By John P Kotter, Kotter
In his most important book yet, John Kotter draws on his previous seminal research and writing on corporate culture, managerial behavior, and leadership to produce an immensely practical work.

"The New Rules" reveals what it takes to succeed in the post-corporate world. Based on a landmark twenty-year study of 115 members of the Harvard Business School's Class of 1974, Kotter describes how the globalization of markets and competition-- the powerful economic aftershock of the oil crisis of 1973-- is altering career paths, wage levels, the structure and functioning of corporations, and the very nature of work itself. Kotter shows how these resourceful men and women, confronting the toughest economy in memory, have nevertheless found exciting and fulfilling careers and are on the road to amassing, mostly through smaller enterprises, personal net worths of many millions of dollars.

Through revealing personal profiles of these successful individuals and data from questionnaires completed by the Class of '74 over two decades, Kotter shows that, today, conventional career paths through large corporations no longer lead to success as they once did (New Rule #1). But at the same time, Kotter explains, globalization is creating larger markets and enormous new opportunities (New Rule #2) for those with the education, motivation, and talent-- and equally large hazards for others who fear competition and overvalue security.

From his year-by-year analysis of the choices, actions, successes, and failures of the members of the Class of '74, Kotter persuasively documents that the greatest opportunities have shifted away from large bureaucratic companies to smaller or more entrepreneurial ones (New Rule #3); and away from professional management in manufacturing to consulting and other service industries (New Rule #4), leadership (New Rule #5), and financial deal making (New Rule #6). In conclusion, Kotter demonstrates how the successful use of these new strategies requires high personal standards and a strong desire to win (New Rule #7), and a willingness to continue to learn over an entire lifetime (New Rule #8). The New Rules will become the touchstone for future generations of managers, students, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone aspiring to a more profitable and satisfying life at work.

Georgette Mosbacher CEO, Georgette Mosbacher Enterprises, author of "The Feminine Force After 20 years in the corporate and small business worlds, I thought I knew everything about succeeding in today's tough market. I was wrong. Drop everything and read this book. It will change your life.


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