New Teacher Revolution: Changing Education for a New Generation of Learners

By Joshua D Stumpenhorst, Josh Stumpenhorst

For 21st Century Educators - The New Rules Of Student Engagement

Today's classroom demands teacher innovation and rejection of outdated practices, especially when someone tells you it's "always been done" a certain way. In this book, Josh Stumpenhorst details his methods for improving student outcomes with unorthodox thinking.

Content includes:

  • Building relationships built on trust and respect, not fear and punishment
  • Why you need to rethink homework and letter grades, whichin their current formsare harming learning
  • How to leverage technology by not treating it as a "shiny toy," but rather fully understanding their power as tools for massive progress

"Josh has done the near impossible: created a how-to book for teachers that is not only highly informative, but also engaging. New or veteran teachers will get ready-to-use and tweak ideas from the very first chapter, making this book a must-read and must-add to any staff bookshelf."--Pernille Ripp, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Creator of the Global Read Aloud


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Publish date 02/26/2015
Pages 160
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