No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent: The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Take No Prisoners Guide to Getting Really Rich

By Dan S Kennedy
SELL TO THOSE WHO SPEND: Market to the Affluent

THE SCARY TRUTH: The middle-class consumer population--and their buying power--is massively shrinking. Customers are buying less and in fewer categories.

THE SILVER LINING: It takes no more work to attract customers from the explosively growing Mass-Affluent, Affluent, and Ultra-Affluent populations eager to pay premium prices in return for exceptional expertise, service, and experiences.

Millionaire maker Dan S. Kennedy, joined by branding experts Nick Nanton, J.W. Dicks and team, show you how to re-position your business, practice, or sales career to attract customers or clients for whom price is NOT a determining factor. Learn how to sell to those who will always be spending.

- Practical Strategies Revealed Ritz-Carlton, Disney, Harrah's Entertainment, Dove, AARP, Dr. Oz, Starbucks, Williams-Sonoma, DeBeers, the health and wellness industry and many other fascinating and diverse true-life examples
- E-Factors 10 surprising Emotional Buy Triggers the affluent find irresistible
- Stop Selling Products and Services Learn how selling aspirations and emotional fulfillment is more profitable
- StorySelling(TM) Learn how to scale the affluents' "sales wall"
- Million-Dollar Marketing System Step-by-step blueprint comparable to those developed for six-figure clients, ready for do-it-yourself use



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