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No Man's Land: A Survival Manual for Growing Midsize Companies

    By Doug Tatum
If starting a company is difficult, leading a company once the business has caught fire is infinitely more so. Thousands of startups each year approach the dangerous transition that Doug Tatum calls No Man's Land?when they are too big too be considered small but still too small to be considered big.
Tatum offers the navigational rules these companies need, and valuable case studies of emerging growth businesses that succeeded or failed during No Man's Land.


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No Man's Land: What to Do When Your Company is Too Big to Be Small, But Too Small to Be Big by Doug Tatum, Portfolio, 256 pages, $24. 95 Hardcover, September 2007, ISBN 9781591841722 It is often difficult to find your way forward in business, particularly when your company is growing at a fast clip. The possibilities are myriad and the next step is not always clear. Read more


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