No More Feedback: Cultivate Consciousness at Work

By Carol Sanford

Peer Review is the Foundation for Measuring Employee Performance...

but does it help employees realize their full potential? Does feedback improve a company's bottom line?

Business consultant Carol Sanford has spent 40 years developing people and systems to motivate lasting innovation. Fortune 500 companies like Google, P&G and DuPont hired her to challenge executives to rethink management and work design. By popular demand, her new book series takes on the most toxic common practices hurting business today and presents the surprising remedies to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Management depends on feedback to improve employee performance and the company's bottom line. Peer reviews are often foundational to this process. But is this decades-old tradition getting the results you need? No More Feedback: Cultivating Consciousness at Work, Book 1 in Carol Sanford's new Toxic Practice book series, breaks down the misconceived notions on feedback and reveals the systems needed to achieve the results business really want: employees fulfilling their potential.

This book disrupts commonly-held beliefs to explain:

  • How feedback can (and often does!) ruin employee development.
  • The impact of feedback on our 3 core human capabilities.
  • The 6 premises to develop effective work systems.
  • How to see business as a living ecosystem set up for sustainable growth and success.
  • The developmental alternative to feedback that leads to flourishing, self-regulating employees

Packed with true examples from Carol's extensive career and personal stories, No More Feedback: Cultivating Consciousness at Work identifies the flaws in the feedback trap, why employees should be given the power to self-regulate and the tools essential to long-term developmental success.


No More Feedback: Cultivate Consciousness at Work is a powerful book that essentializes the meaning of development--a blueprint for designing and building a self-managing, developmental organization and a culture of freedom and responsibility. Bravo! -Max Shkud, Head of People Development for Microsoft Silicon Valley

The idea of feedback is, by and large, commonly accepted in our culture. Carol dissolves it before our eyes. She encourages us to clearly understand where feedback comes from and see the damage it causes in our organizations and personal lives. Plus she gives us an alternative to with none of feedback's devastating side effects. - Zac Swartout, Co-founder, SuperAlloy Interactive

Read No More Feedback with care. You may never be able to take feedback again, but you might just transform your home and workplace. -Jennifer Atlee, Principal, Atlee Research

No More Feedback: Cultivate Consciousness at Work unpacks feedback's surprising intellectual history and expertly illustrates how it can lead to loss of personal agency by reinforcing passivity, groupthink, and the status quo. It then outlines compelling practices beyond feedback for building the capacity to think rigorously and genuinely observe and reflect on the effects of our actions--essential for leadership in our complex and deeply challenging times. - Connor Steadman, Principal and Head Designer, AppleSeed Permaculture, Professional Affiliate Instructor and Coach, Leadership for Sustainability Program, University of Vermont

The approaches Sanford offers are life changing. I highly recommend No More Feedback! -Antonio Vasconcelos, Coordinator, New-Next (strategy advisory team, Portugal), Executive Director, The Natural Step International

I will be turning to No More Feedback for a long time to come. -Mattias Axell, Social Labs Educator for Digidem Lab Gothenburg, Sweden



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