No Room for Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination, and the Making of Modern Israel

By Shimon Peres

Soldier, statesman, founding father and long-lived observer, Shimon Peres authored No Room for Small Dreams just before his death at age 93. It offers a candid, clear-eyed look at the key events and principles that shaped Israel’s past. As a deeply personal chronicle of nearly seven decades of public service, it also provides eloquent instruction for those seeking a peaceful future.

"Poignant...the eminent former Israeli leader delivers a heartfelt appeal to the best in the Israeli Jewish character."--Kirkus Reviews
"By his unyielding determination and principle, Shimon Peres time and again helped guide his beloved country through the crucible of mortal challenge. But it was by his innate humanity, his decency, that Shimon inspired the world over."--George H. W. Bush


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Publisher Custom House
Publish date 09/12/2017
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