Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas and Predict the Future

By Rohit Bhargava
The sad truth about most trend predictions is that they seem to focus on restating the blatantly obvious. Predicting the "rise of wearable technology" in 2015 is a bit like predicting the ground will be wet the day after a rain storm ... it is undoubtedly true - but relatively useless to hear out loud. Five years ago, longtime brand consultant and marketing Professor Rohit Bhargava began producing his annual "Non-Obvious Trend Report" where he curated 15 trends to describe consumer behavior, marketing and where business was headed in the new year. His previous reports predicted the growth of content marketing, real time customer care and more transparency in business. To date, they have been downloaded and shared online more than half a million times. In this 5th Edition of his annual report, he takes readers behind the scenes for the very first time ever to share his techniques for curating trends and the five essential skillsets required in order to be able to predict the future for yourself. Through entertaining stories, deep analysis and a surprisingly simple approach - Rohit proves that even though we imagine trend forecasting is done only by business gurus ... each of us can get better at curating trends for ourselves as long as we know what to look for.


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Publisher Ideapress Publishing
Publish date 03/01/2015
Pages 252
ISBN-13 9781940858104
ISBN-10 1940858100
Language English

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