Obama and the Bomb: The Vision of a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

By Heinz Gartner (Editor)
Nuclear threats have become more dangerous and more complex in recent years. The number of states possessing nuclear weapons now stands at nine. Roughly 25.000 nuclear warheads still remain in the arsenals of those states. Barack Obama spoke of a world free of nuclear weapons in his April 2009 speech in Prague. For the authors in this book there is no doubt that a new atmosphere has arisen thanks to new policies pursued by the Obama administration and the response it has evoked in the world. A world free of nuclear weapons is clearly not going to happen overnight and will be a long-term process, however. This book places his goal of disarmament into the context of the non-proliferation regime, and discusses how non-proliferation and disarmament are linked. The authors propose certain steps that could be taken to help to curb proliferation and move towards disarmament.


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Publisher Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften
Publish date 04/01/2011
Pages 312
ISBN-13 9783631612637
ISBN-10 363161263X
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