Obama and the Middle East: The End of America's Moment?

By Fawaz A Gerges
Published to widespread media acclaim, Fawaz Gerges's work takes on the past, present, and future of the United States' relationship with the Middle East. Gerges, one of the world's top Middle East scholars, examines the US Middle East relationship Obama has inherited, analyzes the administration's responses to the challenges it has faced, and highlights what must change in order to improve US outcomes in the region. Evaluating the president's engagement with the Arab Spring, his decision to order the death of Osama bin Laden, his intervention in Libya, and his relations with Iran, Gerges reaches a sobering conclusion: the United States is near the end of its moment in the Middle East. The cynically realist policy it has employed since World War II and that the Obama administration has continued is at the root of current bitterness and mistrust, and it is time to remake American foreign policy."


"Gerges lays out the problems from multiple viewpoints and establishes the points of greatest need. How Obama addresses the challenge to America's hegemony and whether he can stand up to political pressure from home will determine if this is truly the end of America's moment in the Middle East. An exceptional book that thoroughly scrutinizes the struggles of all the nations of the Middle East and doesn't hesitate to distribute blame where it's warranted." --"Kirkus" (starred review)

"Amid [a] political culture of misplaced punditry, Fawaz Gerges is a welcome contrast, and a voice of dissent. [He] elevates his book above two crowded fields: well-promoted but quickly out-dated policy books that promise bold world predictions from recent events, and ... books that offer a mix of first-draft-of-history reporting and rough-draft political and historical insight. Instead, Gerges...aligns himself with a biting critique of Washington, and of the latent biases and tropes in much American reporting and policy-making on the Middle East."

-"Los Angeles Review of Books"


"This is a highly readable book, recommended for anyone who regularly follows the news in this region."

--"Library Journal"

"Gerges deftly condenses many years into an easily digestible history rife with spot-on analysis...a strong and informative primer on American involvement in the Middle East."

--"Publishers Weekly "

"Fawaz Gerges has written a provocative book that should make Americans think carefully about their country's role in the rapidly changing Middle East."

--William B. Quandt, professor of Politics, University of Virginia

"A penetrating study by one of the most influential writers on a most troubled region, one that shows every sign of becoming more troubled still in the future. In Gerges' view, the American 'moment' in the Middle East is fast coming to an end with potential consequences we can only yet dimly perceive. A must-read." --Michael Cox, pr


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