One Hundred Young Americans

One Hundred Young Americans is the first book to paint the full picture of youth culture in America today.

Gorgeously photographed and meticulously researched, this year-long project represents photographer Michael Franzini's 30,000-mile journey in search of what it truly means to be a teenager in this hyper-connected, media-driven society.

The book is packed with first-hand accounts of youth culture in America from 100 teenagers in 50 states. More than two hundred stunning images show every kind of teenager from every part of our nation, mirroring census data for gender, race, religion and sexual orientation and to strike a balance between urban, rural, suburban and small-town locations.

Unlike previous generations, these young people have all grown up with unprecedented access to media and information, and their private lives are more public than ever before.

You will read stories that will inspire, move, excite, and even anger you. Along this journey, you will meet people who share your experiences, who remind you of others, and who are unlike anyone you have ever met.

You will meet every kind of teenager. The cheerleaders, football jocks, student body presidents, prom queens and other popular kids. The nerds, band geeks, gamers and other not-so-popular kids. Also the skaters, stoners, goths, punks, druggies and a lot of kids whose uniqueness defies labels.

What they ultimately have in common is that they are struggling to find their identity and become independent. They are growing up. Prepare yourself. This is what it really means to be young in America today.


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