The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined

By Dale Ludwig, Greg Owen Boger

The Orderly Conversation® is a groundbreaking presentation skills training resource for business communicators. The practical recommendations found in its pages focus on the type of everyday, getting-business-done presentations that take place in corporate conference rooms across the globe. In other words, it focuses on the types of presentations business people actually deliver.

As business people know, these presentations are not formal speeches. They are structured conversations that help you move business forward. The problem is that traditional resources available to business presenters -- books, blogs, academic courses and the corporate training they have inspired -- focus on speechmaking. The Orderly Conversation draws a clear distinction between the two.

In doing so, it simplifies the process, eases your discomfort, and gives you a fresh way to think about your presentations.

Readers of this book follow the progress of eight fictional, but very typical, business people as they go through a presentation skills training workshop. You will see how they shift their approach away from speechmaking and toward initiating and managing an Orderly Conversation.

You will hear from both authors individually. Ludwig lays out the big picture for each major concept. Owen-Boger coaches the eight workshop participants as they apply those concepts to their own business presentations. As you observe, you'll see how a wide variety of individuals -- some with skills and concerns much like your own -- succeed.




Dale Ludwig, PhD is the founder and President of Turpin Communication, a presentation and facilitation skills training company founded in 1992. Prior to Turpin, he taught in the Communication Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Turpin's goal is to provide the best business presentation and facilitation skills training available. The Turpin name is a reference to a fictional character in one of Dale's favorite short stories. It was chosen not because the fictional Turpin had anything to do with business, presenting or training, but rather because the name sounds nice next to "Communication" and is easy to spell.

Greg Owen-Boger is the Vice President of Turpin Communication, a presentation and facilitation training company in Chicago. He started with Turpin as a cameraman in 1995, and quickly moved on to instructor/coach, project manager, account manager, and now VP. Trained in management and the performing arts, he brings a diverse set of skills and experience to the organization. In addition to his work in the traditional instructor-led classroom, Greg is a frequent blogger and speaker and is one of many thought leaders who contributed to Master Presenter: Lessons from the World’s Top Experts on Becoming a More Influential Speaker.

The Orderly Conversation is a must-read for anyone looking to hone their presentation skills. 5-Star Review by Portland Book Review A skillfully written… guide that offers tips and strategies that should resonate with anyone in a business setting. –Kirkus Reviews The careful explanations and examples along with the minute considerations in formatting and design make this an instructional guidebook that practices what it preaches, and one that I can enthusiastically recommend. 5-Star Review by San Francisco Book Review


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