Ordinary Goodness: The Surprisingly Effortless Path to Creating a Life of Meaning and Beauty

By Edward Viljoen
A call to action to live a life full of goodness and purpose

People often struggle to find a life filled with passion, happiness--and just plain goodness. This struggle drives many to depression and addictive tendencies. Author and New Thought minister Edward Viljoen argues that the struggle need not be an arduous or painful one--that through everyday acts of kindness, faith, and compassion we can create peaceful and contented lives. Using personal stories, practical tips, and exercises, this book shows us that regardless of our circumstances, we can create meaning and beauty in our lives and in the world. Viljoen offers deep insights, showing:

- How caring about ordinary things leads to meaningful and extraordinary life experiences
- How society's messages about perfection distract us from our ordinary goodness
- How faith is a muscle that must be exercised

People are always striving to live happy and fulfilled lives. This book reassures us that this is attainable--nothing extraordinary is required.

"Ordinary Goodness is an extraordinary and practical guide on how to live in a world that seems unkind and yet is filled with opportunities for good. This book inspired me to be a better man." Chris Michaels, author of The Power of You "I encourage you to read Ordinary Goodness with a willingness to deepen your capacity to simply be an open vessel through which a life worth living may flow. Ordinary Goodness is anything but ordinary it is extraordinary." Dennis Merritt Jones, author of Your Redefining Moments and The Art of Uncertainty "If kindness were a country, Ordinary Kindess would be its travel guide. In this book, Edward Viljoen delves into a perfectly ordinary yet arguably neglected virtue kindness and reveals its source, its rewards, and a well-defined approach for integrating kindness into your very bones. Combining his personal history with his decades of experience as a minister, Viljoen is eminently qualified to teach us that the ordinariness of kindness may actually be the most dazzling quality we might possess." Randall Friesen, publisher of Newt List Books "Ordinary Goodness reminds me I can see goodness and kindness every day. Edward reminds all of us, that despite our failings, we really can be both good and kind. Brew a cup of tea and curl up with this insightful and achingly beautiful account of the mystery, paradox, and wonder of your life. You ll be glad you did!" Petra Weldes, author of Joyous Living Journal "Edward eloquently shares with us the simplicity of revealing goodness in our lives. Kindness, compassion, faith, and goodness live within us. Our willingness to tap into these qualities creates a life of peace, harmony, joy, and wisdom." Cynthia James, author of I Choose Me: The Art of Being a Phenomenally Successful Woman at Home and at Work "Viljoen s practices will help readers become extraordinary in their expression of ordinary goodness." Christian Sorensen, author of Soar: Spiritual Guidance for Overcoming Life's Turbulence "Viljoen deftly describes a pathway to the kind of life that just about everyone would like to experience." Jim Lockard, author of Creating the Beloved Community "This superbly written book reminds us that our joy is genuinely felt when we are willing to channel simple acts of ordinary goodness." David Ault, author of The Grass Is Greener Right Here "If you want to know how to live abetter lifein today's world, there may be no better book for you to read." Josh Reeves, senior minister at Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living "This book is a must-read for everyone." Dr. Kenn Gordon, spiritual leader, Centers for Spiritual Living"


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