Organizational Turnarounds with a Human Touch

By Baldev Seekri
Most organizational turnaround initiatives either end prematurely or wither away quickly after few initial successes. In "Organizational Turnarounds with a Human Touch, " author Baldev Seekri states that the issue is not the talent or sincerity of the orchestrating leaders, but rather the ignorance about the sequential nature of the transformation process and the lack of discipline to thwart leapfrogging tendencies. Based upon real turnaround successes spanning many countries and cultures, Seekri synthesizes practical results into principles and strategies that are universally applicable. He challenges and inspires organizations and individuals to accept and turn their situations around for positive outcomes. "Organizational Turnarounds with a Human Touch" provides a refreshing perspective by restoring the basics, redirecting the emphasis, propagating layman psychology, encouraging sequential learning, and savoring the aesthetics. At the heart of the turnaround process is the power of three elements of a simple mindset: simplicity first, complexity last; leadership-a basic human ability; and the theory that there is always a human solution. These elements can help propel struggling organizations and individuals from the deep sea of self-pity to soaring skies of possibilities.


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