The Other College Guide: A Roadmap to the Right School for You

By Paul Glastris, Jane Sweetland, Staff Washington Monthly
A college degree has never been more important--or more expensive. If you're not made of money, where can you get an amazing liberal arts education without your parents having to remortgage the house or cash in their retirement fund? Which degrees will allow you to fulfill your dreams and earn a decent paycheck? What do you really need to know if you're the first in your family to go to college? How do you find good schools that offer a well-rounded campus life for black or Latino students?
From the staff of "Washington Monthly" comes a new kind of college guide, inspired by and including the magazine's signature alternative college rankings. "The" Other "College Guide" features smartly designed, engaging chapters on finding the best-fit schools and the real deal about money, loans, and preparing for the world of work. This essential higher ed handbook also highlights information on what to look for (and watch out for) in online programs and for-profit colleges and concludes with fifty profiles of remarkable but frequently overlooked schools. All things being "un"equal, "The" Other "College Guide" will provide American students--and their families and school counselors--with the honest and practical information they need to make sense of the college process and carve a path to the future they imagine.

"A welcome and engaging alternative to typical college guides . . . a refreshingly down-to-earth approach to deciding what matters when choosing a college." --Diana Natalicio, president, University of Texas at El Paso "Amazing and essential. I've been waiting my entire career for a guide that empowers and supports all students and families." --Joshua Steckel, college counselor and co-author of "Hold Fast to Dreams" ""The Other College Guide" is all about students, not school recognition and reputation . . . a wonderful and crucial resource." --Anthony Lising Antonio, associate director, Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research


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