The Other -F- Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work

By John Danner, Mark Coopersmith
Leverage the power of failure in your organization

Nobody wants to fail, but failure is a fact of life. Most of us treat it as a regrettable, even shameful, event best overlooked. In truth, failure can be a game-changing strategic resource that can help you and your organization achieve the greater success you crave.

The Other -F- Word shows how successful leaders and teams are putting failure to work every day - to re-engage employees, spark innovation and accelerate growth. Authors Danner and Coopersmith - with their rare blend of senior-level executive experience, global advising, teaching acumen and cross-discipline perspective - share these valuable new practices, and show how they can improve results across your organization. Based on exclusive interviews with prominent leaders and insightful examples from their own in-depth work, the book features a practical seven-stage framework to liberate failure as a force to advance your leadership agenda. After all, everyone creates and confronts failure on a daily basis. Why not use it to your advantage? The Other -F- Word shows you how to:

  • Start an open, productive conversation about failure across your organization
  • Reduce the fear of failure that stifles initiative, creativity and engagement
  • Anticipate, prepare for and respond to failure, so you can leverage it when it happens
  • Harness failure as a catalyst to drive innovation, improve performance and strengthen culture

Failure's like gravity - pervasive and powerful. Whether you're a leader or team member of a startup, a growing business, or an established enterprise, failure is today's lesson for tomorrow. Let The Other -F- Word show you how to apply this lesson and take your company where it needs to go.


EXCERPTS: The Other "F" Word

Posted March 25, 2015, 9:45 AM with category of Personal Development & Human Behavior
John Danner and Mark Coopersmith take us on a deep dive into a "largely untapped and misunderstood strategic resource"—failure. Read more


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