Own Your Brand: An Executive Coach Helps You Refine Your Personal Brand on Linkedin

By David Billstrom

Stop hiding what makes you great, and present yourself to the world around you.

The Internet has transformed our professional relationships -- because of LinkedIn, nearly everyone you meet will always know you. You literally can't un-meet them.

What do they think of you?

This book is for anyone who wants to be more successful in business or get the job they would truly love. It is also for retirees looking to join the right volunteer organization and academics looking for the perfect research post. In other words, this book is for anyone who wants more effective and efficient engagement with other people.

David Billstrom explains how to use the popular LinkedIn service to present yourself and your abilities to a worldwide audience of 467 million people, following a proven step-by-step method. He guides you through a process that uncovers your abilities and capabilities, and helps you define yourself through specific techniques and numerous examples. To do this, he draws upon his 20 years of coaching entrepreneurs and executives.

You will learn:

- How to use story and narrative to communicate your abilities

- To tap into what you love to do, and describe it to others

- Specific steps to make your professional profile authentic, real and unique

- How to establish your credibility

- Exactly how to take best advantage of LinkedIn (and not be taken advantage of)

The book is packed with examples and do-it-yourself instructions, so that you can foster relationships as effectively as his clients.


"David Billstrom pulls from decades of experience in starting, running and investing in
companies to offer sound and thorough advice on a critical but oft overlooked piece
of your reputation: your online presence.
Using instruction and examples to move methodically through each section of a
LinkedIn profile, David challenges readers to carefully construct their personal
brands, from selecting the best photo to creating a personal narrative. Own Your Brand
is for everyone wanting to maximize their professional presence online and stand out
from the crowd."
Shannon Polson Author, Speaker, Veteran
"David taught me the importance of honing my professional brand, and how to expertly
convey who I am and what I do. The result is a concise and impactful brand statement
that has formed the backbone of how I represent myself in my professional world."
Brent Bookwalter, American Professional Cyclist
"I will never forget the first meeting I was in with David. Not only blisteringly smart,
but so focused on how we maximize the outcome, how we use the assets, resources,
people and insight to make history, and how we create an outcome that will change
our lives forever. He not only created that vision of what is possible, but created a road
map and the belief that we could get there. Vision, mission, values and behaviors,
then a road map of execution. Now he is providing a personal roadmap to the life and
outcome you hope for. Listen up!"
Richard Tait, Chief BoomBoom at Starbucks, Co-Founder of Cranium
"As an entrepreneur in the private sector and a state senator in the public sector, I have
found that David Billstrom's wise counsel goes to the soul of meaningful living. He is a
gifted consiglieri in the very best sense of providing strategic insight, tactical acumen
and prescient context in the adventure of finding your authentic self.
David has the extraordinary ability to help executives and leaders learn powerful
business and life lessons from others' experience - as if we ourselves went through
their journey. In this book he's put the skills and insights down on paper, and we're
the winners."
Reuven Carlyle, Washington State Senator, Business Stategist


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