The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine Is in Your Hands

By Eric Topol
"[Topol is] one of medicine's most innovative thinkers about the digital future.... [A] valuable contribution to a fascinating subject."--New York Times Book Review
A trip to the doctor is almost a guarantee of misery. You'll make an appointment months in advance. You'll probably wait for several hours until you hear "the doctor will see you now"-but only for fifteen minutes! Then you'll wait even longer for lab tests, the results of which you'll likely never see, unless they indicate further (and more invasive) tests, most of which will probably prove unnecessary (much like physicals themselves). And your bill will be astronomical.
In The Patient Will See You Now, Eric Topol, one of the nation's top physicians, shows why medicine does not have to be that way. Instead, you could use your smartphone to get rapid test results from one drop of blood, monitor your vital signs both day and night, and use an artificially intelligent algorithm to receive a diagnosis without having to see a doctor, all at a small fraction of the cost imposed by our modern healthcare system.
The change is powered by what Topol calls medicine's "Gutenberg moment." Much as the printing press took learning out of the hands of a priestly class, the mobile internet is doing the same for medicine, giving us unprecedented control over our healthcare. With smartphones in hand, we are no longer beholden to an impersonal and paternalistic system in which "doctor knows best." Medicine has been digitized, Topol argues; now it will be democratized. Computers will replace physicians for many diagnostic tasks, citizen science will give rise to citizen medicine, and enormous data sets will give us new means to attack conditions that have long been incurable. Massive, open, online medicine, where diagnostics are done by Facebook-like comparisons of medical profiles, will enable real-time, real-world research on massive populations. There's no doubt the path forward will be complicated: the medical establishment will resist these changes, and digitized medicine inevitably raises serious issues surrounding privacy. Nevertheless, the result-better, cheaper, and more human health care-will be worth it.
Provocative and engrossing, The Patient Will See You Now is essential reading for anyone who thinks they deserve better health care. That is, for all of us.

"In his new book, The Patient Will See You Now, Topol expertly builds upon his earlier path-finding work and explores how smartphone adoption, big data, new digital monitors of medically relevant information streams, ubiquitous computing, and larger networks are all combining to revolutionize health care far beyond what most now expect-with the exciting promise of lower costs and higher quality simultaneously. Coming from a world-class physician with a unique perspective on the rapidly changing nature of medicine, Topol's prescription for patient empowerment is a must read."-Al Gore "Dr. Eric Topol is uniquely positioned to map out a new era of democratized medicine-a time when each individual will not only have immediate access to all of their own medical data, but even generate much of it and play a principal role in their healthcare." -Sanjay Gupta, M.D. "Dr. Eric Topol is a pioneer of the medicine of the future and the future is now! Read this book and empower yourself for total well-being." -Deepak Chopra
[A] groundbreaking book.... I think this book is revelatory and just plain smart. Jim Cramer, CNBC s "Mad Money" [Topol is] one of medicine s most innovative thinkers about the digital future.... [A] valuable contribution to a fascinating subject. Despite his digital predilections, Topol is a humane and sympathetic observer of the plight of patients in our highly dysfunctional health care system. We can only hope mobile devices will help them better navigate (or scroll) their way through this perilous terrain. "New York Times Book Review" Dr. Eric Topol [is] one of the nation s leading thinkers on the future of medicine. Newt Gingrich, "Newsmax" [E]xtraordinarily thought-provoking and even provocative.... [T]he world [Topol] envisions is already exceedingly close to being realized; the writing on the wall is clear, unambiguous and unmistakable. This would be a great book to read sitting in a waiting room or during a stay at the hospital. "Bowling Green Daily News" "The Patient Will See You Now" is full of innovative thinking.... This book is full of technical wizardry and intriguing questions about the natureand the futureof diagnosing, monitoring and healing. Perri Klass, "Washington Post" The mantra defining the future of medicine, according to physician and author Eric Topol, is 'Nothing about me without me.' And in his new work, "The Patient Will See You Now," that mantra animates a vision of medicine that, in everyday practice, is radically democratized and digitized, made accessible and dialogic through the use of handheld devices, open-access records, iDocs, physician avatars and more. "The Plain Dealer" Dr. Topol s overriding thesis is that the old days of doctor knows best are as good as gone. No longer will doctors control medical data, treatment or profits. Instead, thanks to the newest science, humanity will finally achieve truly democratic health care. "New York Times" [Dr. Topol s] vision is compelling, combining an empowering view of technology with the recognition that medicine requires something more. The best physicians heal even when they can t cure, Dr. Topol notes, and there will never be algorithms, supercomputers, avatars or robots to pull that off. "Wall Street Journal" Cardiologist Topol argues for taking down the boundaries separating the medical and digital worlds, boldly exploring how patients can shape the medicine of the future. "Publishers Weekly" [Topol] does a terrific job of laying out the immense potential of smartphones and iMedicine technologies to democratize medicine like never before.... Topol s writing style makes it very accessible for the lay person without any dumbing down that would be a turnoff to health professionals. This is a must read for anyone that cares about healthcare.... I can t think of a book that does a better job of projecting how the future of medicine will unfold and the critical role individuals will play in their own health (beyond the obvious). Dave Chase, It is rare to find a book that addresses quite technical topics so clearly, while interweaving stories about the variety of personalities who are shaping the field. The book is both scholarly, supported by careful footnoting, and encyclopedicnearly every recent development challenging traditional notions of medicine is carefully evaluated. "Health Affairs" With an impressively well-researched cache of examples, [Topol] explains the various gadgets attached to smartphones to carry out complex medical examinations that cost pennies, the potential for using the same cheap technology in poor countries where expensive medical equipment cannot be deployed and the potential for the opening up of patient datawhich could then be shared across the world through the Internet to find diagnoses and trends on an unprecedented scale. "Winnipeg Free Press" With its many charts, graphs, and citations, this forward-thinking work will appeal to all educated health-care consumers. "Library Journal" A visionary physician predicts a technology-driven, patient-centered revolution in health care. In this work about the changes afoot in the world of medical care, Topol, in this natural follow-up to his previous book, demonstrates the combination of intelligence and ambition that is apparent in his successful medical career.... Not content to simply critique the current system (though he does so thoroughly and convincingly), the author strides optimistically into the future of health care.... An expertly detailed, precisely documented exploration of the power of information and individualization in health care. "Kirkus Reviews" [Topol] forecasts and engineers a new chapter in medicine.... [He] foresees a future medical world profoundly bolstered by wireless Internet, where each individual will have all their own medical data and the computing power to process it. "Booklist" If you want to feel as exhilarated, and maybe even as disoriented, as Marty [McFly, the fictional character in the movie Back to the Future II] did after fast-forwarding to 2015, read Dr. Topol s new book, "The Patient Will See You Now."... [Topol] describes a health care world upended by digital technology mostly to the benefit of patients. We wield dominion over this new world through our smart phones. Susan Dentzer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation s Culture of Health blog Eric Topol has written a must-read manifesto for patients who feel helpless. Filled with knowledge and engaging stories, this book shows how you can harness technology to be the master of your medical careor at least, a better partner for your doctor. I want Dr. Topol for my doctor. Elisabeth Rosenthal, M.D., "The New York Times" "It s your blood, your DNA, and your money; shouldn t the images, records, and data belong to you, too? Dr. Topol s deeply researched, powerfully presented arguments will ruffle feathers in the medical establishmentbut he maintains that the new era of smartphones, apps, and tiny sensors is putting the patient in charge for the first time. And he s right." David Pogue, founder of Yahoo Tech and host of PBS' Nova "Dr. Eric Topol is uniquely positioned to map out a new era of democratized medicinea time when each individual will not only have immediate access to all of their own medical data, but even generate much of it and play a principal role in their healthcare. Sanjay Gupta, M.D., Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN "We are seeing a sea-change in medicine, a time when the old paradigms no longer apply. As a physician and a scientist, Eric Topol has been both contributor and commentator to this revolution and therefore, one of the few people who can weave together and explain the stunning advances in seemingly unrelated fields. His personal voice, his ability to explain the most complex developments in science in a simple and engaging manner, and the clarity of his vision of the future make this compelling reading. I couldn t put this book down and I learned so much. It has changed my perspective of what is to come." Abraham Verghese, author of "Cutting for Stone" Topol expertly builds upon his earlier path-finding work and explores how smartphone adoption, big data, new digital monitors of medically relevant information streams, ubiquitous computing, and larger networks are all combining to revolutionize health care far beyond what most now expectwith the exciting promise of lower costs and higher quality simultaneously. Coming from a world-class physician with a unique perspective on the rapidly changing nature of medicine, Topol s prescription for patient empowerment is a must read. Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States The most extraordinary time for health care lies ahead. Dr. Topol presents a highly innovative vision and model for how, in an era of big data for each individual, medicine can be democratized. Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts Dr. Eric Topol is a pioneer of the medicine of the future and the future is now! Read this book and empower yourself for total well-being. Deepak Chopra "I have experienced Dr. Topol's healing touch as my personal physician after a 99% heart blockage, in his capacity as cardiology advisor to Men's Health magazine's 12 million readers, and as the visionary author of "The Creative Destruction of Medicine." With "The Patient Will See You Now," he's extending his healing powers where they'll do the most good: to the patients themselves. Book an appointment to read it now, and you'll save yourself a lot of copays later." Peter Moore, editor of "Men's Health" magazine Eric Topol s book focuses us on the most important development in health care today: putting the patient at the center of everything. This is the pathway to the most effective and efficient innovation, development and reform of health care practices, products and policies globally. Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson "Dr. Topol clearly captures the challenges and major disruptions occurring in medicine today. A revolution in healthcare is finally happening - one that will not only improve outcomes, but the individual patient's experience. This is a book that everyone needs to read. The practice and future of medicine are indeed being turned up side down." John E. Kelly III, Director of Research at IBM Dr. Eric Topol has the vision for how smartphones will play a central part in health care in the coming years. Consumers will take on a powerful new role in medicine of the future The Patient Will See You Now reveals to us how that will occur. JK Shin, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics In "The Patient Will See You Now," Dr. Eric Topol has helped to define a new era in healthcare when the role of the patient has evolved, empowered by the rapid adoption of digital health technologies. We fully agree with Dr. Topol s vision of the future of healthcare becoming increasingly seamless and giving consumers access to carewhere, when, and at the value point they want. Greg Wasson, CEO of Walgreens Eric Topol understands better than anybody else the growing battle between technology- and information-empowered patients on one side, and the incumbent medical establishment on the other. He also understands who should win it. Read this book and you'll join him in fighting the good fight. Andrew McAfee, author of "The Second Machine Age" "In this extraordinary book, Topol has, in effect, provided us with a prescription for the future of medicine. He outlines the challenges of the current practice of medicine, and gives us a powerful vision of what can be changed-- and how. Topol writes about the future more effectively than any physician or scientist that I know. If you want to know about what medicine looks like today, you should read this book. But if you want to know what medicine will look like tomorrow, then you must absolutely read this book." Siddharta Muhkerjee, M.D., author of "The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer" "
Praise for Eric Topol

Siddhartha Mukherjee, author of "The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer" "Topol's analysis draws us to the very frontlines of medicine, and leaves us with a view of a landscape that is both foreign and daunting. He manages to recount this story in simple, lucid language--resulting in an enthralling and important book." Atul Gawande, M.D., author of "The Checklist Manifesto" "Dr. Eric Topol is an extraordinary doctor. But he is also a remarkable communicator--one of the few top-flight scientists in medicine to be able to genuinely connect with the public. I have known and admired Dr. Topol for a long time. I recommend him highly." A. J. Jacobs, author of "My Life as an Experiment" and "The Year of Living Biblically" "Dr. Topol is both a leader of and perfect guide to this brave new health world." James Fowler, Professor of Medical Genetics and Political Science, UC San Diego, and author of "Connected" "Eric Topol is uniquely positioned to write such a timely and important book. He leads two institutions--one in genomics and one in wireless health--that will each play a huge role in transforming medicine in the twenty-first century. From this vantage point, he can see unifying themes that will underlie the coming revolution in population and personal health, and he communicates his vision with vibrant energy. Everyone will want to read this book." Clayton M. Christensen, Robert and Jane Cizik Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, and author of "The Innovator's Dilemma" "Eric Topol gives us an eye-opening look at what's possible in healthcare if people can mobilize to charge the status quo. "The Creative Destruction of Medicine "is simply remarkable." Mehmet Oz, M.D., Professor and Vice-Chair of Surgery, NY Presbyterian/Columbia University "Eric Topol outlines the creative destruction of medicine that must be led by informed consumers. Smart patients will push the many stakeholders in health to accelerate change as medicine adapts to a new world of information and technology." Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric "Eric Topol has been a longtime innovator in healthcare. In "The Creative Destruction of Medicine," he citesthe big waves of innovation that will save healthcare for the future. Real healthcare reform has not yet begun, but it will. "The Creative Destruction of Medicine" lays out the path." Misha Angrist, Assistant Professor, Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy, and author of "Here is a Human Being" "Eric Topol is that rare physician willing to challenge the orthodoxies of his guild. He recognizes that in the U.S., health care business-as-usual is unsustainable. But he does not despair. He bears witness to the rise of "Homo digitus "and the promise it holds to upend the inefficiencies and dysfunction so entrenched in clinical medicine. "The Creative Destruction of Medicine "is a timely tour de force. It is a necessary heresy." George Church, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School "What happens when the super-convergence of smart phones further combines with million-fold lower-cost genomics and diverse wearable sensors? The riveting answer leads compellingly to a call to activism--not only for medical care providers, but all patients and everyone looking for the next 'disruptive' economic revolution. This future is closer than most of us would have imagined before seeing it laid out so clearly. A must-read." J. Craig Venter, Chairman and President, J. Craig Venter Institute "Our sequencing of the human genome eleven years ago was the beginning of the individualized medicine revolution, a revolution that cannot happen without digitized personal phenotype information. Eric Topol provides a path forward using your digitized genome, remote sensing devices and social networking to place the educated at the center of medicine." Omar Ishrak, Chairman and CEO of Medtronic "Eric Topol provides an excellent and pragmatic view of the U.S. healthcare system from a patient's perspective. He then offers, through numerous examples, an exciting vision for the future ... when technology can be used to dramatically improve the quality of care and reduce cost at the same time. "The Creative Destruction of Medicine" is a highly informative and enjoyable book, which truly triggers the reader's imagination as to what is possible" Reed Tuckson, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief of Medical Affairs, UnitedHealth Group "Eric Topol has written an extraordinarily important book at just the right moment. Drawing upon a unique and impressive array of convergent expertise in medical research, clinical medicine, consumer and health technological advancements, and health policy, Dr. Topol opens the door for an essential discussion of old challenges viewed through an innovative lens. In the context of increasingly unaffordable health care costs, suboptimal quality of care delivery, a tsunami of preventable chronic illness, and new accountabilities for consumer's health choices and behaviors, this book helps all of us to think about solutions in new and exciting ways!" Juan Enriquez, Managing Director, Excel Venture Management, and author "As the Future Catches You" "Much of the wealth created over the last decades arose out of a brutal transition from ABC's to digital code. While creating some of the world's most valuable companies, this process also upended whole industries and even countries. Now medicine, health care, and life sciences are undergoing the same transition. And, again, enormous wealth will be created and destroyed. This book is a road map of what is about to happen." Elias Zerhouni, M.D., President, Global R&D, Sanofi and former director, National Institutes of Health "If we keep practicing medicine as we know it today, healthcare will become an unbearable burden. We are in a real race between healthcare innovation and the resistance to change of the medical system. In a comprehensive and well researched tour de force, Eric Topol, always a clear and uncompromising thought leader of his generation, challenges us to imagine the revolutionary potential of a world where medical information no longer belongs to a few and can be automatically collected from the many to greatly improve healthcare for all. This is a must read!" Kirkus Reviews "Topol weaves useful knowledge about how to evaluate the choices open to patients into this exciting account of the revolutionary changes we can expect."


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