Performance Under Pressure: Being at Your Best When It Counts!

By Bob Kriegel
You're an achiever. You're motivated, ambitious, and success-oriented. And you're exposed to new sources of pressure almost every day. But you know that if you push yourself too hard, stress will increase, hindering not only your productivity and joy but damaging your relationships and health as well. Performance Under Pressure gives you new tools for handling pressure and making stress work for you while boosting your performance to new heights. Living and working inside the Peak Zone is characterized by a balanced commitment to work, by confidently taking on new kinds of risk without being overwhelmed, and by being in control. It's about feeling prepared, skilled and effective regardless of the outside circumstances. It's also about attracting catalytic new experiences that empower you to reach new levels in your work, sport, and life. Anyone can learn how to bring fresh new peak performance experiences into their lives. Take the engaging Self-Test Performance Profile to identify your Peak Zone strengths and weaknesses, then learn how to experientially enhance your strengths and overcome your weaknesses Learn specific strategies for having consistent peak performance experiences in any area of your life or career you wish to change Dozens of case histories will teach you which strategies will work best for you and how to get results with them Master the simple and priceless peak performance mental and physical exercises that help overcome fear, visualize goals, interpret "warning signals" and defuse anxiety


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Publisher Archer-Ellison Publishing
Publish date 02/01/2011
Pages 306
ISBN-13 9781574723854
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