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Personality Poker Playing Cards

By Stephen M Shapiro
If your organization is having a difficult time staying ahead of the curve, it's probably suffering from sameness—the widespread condition in organizations where commonality is valued above individuality. Unbeknownst to most, chronic sameness destroys innovation and creative thinking. 

Introducing Personality Poker, the playing card tool for driving high-performance teamwork and innovation. 

Created by internationally acclaimed innovation expert Stephen Shapiro, this powerful and fast-paced card game has been played by over 25,000 people in dozens of Fortune 500 companies around the world.  And it will help your organization create teams that value multiple points of view and encourage creativity. 
In Personality Poker, players trade specially-designed cards—each printed with a different character trait—until they've created a hand that best describes their own innovation style. Based on the suits, colors, and numbers of the cards, your organization will be able to:
• Create balanced teams that represent all personality styles (Playing with a Full Deck)
• Put the right people in the right roles (Playing to Everyone's Strong Suit)
• Divide the work in a way that maximizes efficiency (Dealing Out Tasks)
• Bring together all styles in a way that encourages collaboration (Shuffling the Deck) 
Included are: 
• Your decks of cards (five decks are enough to allow 35 people to participate, ten are enough for 70)
• Access to a thirty-minute online streaming video showing Personality Poker in action
• An e-mailed quick start guide that will get you up and running in minutes
Personality Poker is an easy and fun way to maximize the innovation, collaboration, and efficiency of your teams by involving all personality styles. Visit our website today to discover the science behind the fun, to hear what others are saying about Personality Poker, and to see how you can "beat the hous" every time at

Personality Poker in Action from Stephen Shapiro on Vimeo.


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