The Physics of Business Growth: Mindsets, System, and Processes

By Edward D Hess, Jeanne Liedtka
Organic business growth is governed by its own natural lawsunderlying truths that set the stage for growth and innovation, much in the way that Einstein's law of relativity accounts for the movement of objects in the space-time continuum. The most fundamental law is that uncertainty is the only certainty. Dominating forces are ambiguity and change; the processes at work involve exploration, invention, and experimentation. Unfortunately, these truths run counter to the principles of stability, predictability, and linearity that have long informed the design of our firms.
"The Physics of Business Growth" helps readers understand how to create growth in today's business environment, providing them a roadmap and a set of practical tools to navigate its challenges. The book lays out a three step formula that will prove invaluable to professionals who have the opportunity to influence growth now, as well as to tomorrow's growth leaders, guiding them in (1) creating the right employee and organizational mindsets to enable growth (2) building an internal corporate growth system, and (3) putting in place processes that result in identifying opportunities, launching growth experiments, and managing a growth portfolio."

""The Physics of Business Growth" documents practices that work in driving organic growth. Hess and Liedtka place a distinctive emphasis on integrated thinking that involves both operational discipline, agile strategic thinking, and what they call 'catalyst' leadership. Particularly insightful is their emphasis on growth strategies requiring experimentation-prototyping and learning with your customers. The good news for managers is that this book avoids the trap of magical thinking, which glosses over the messiness and complexity involved in growing a business. Rather, they offer a robust toolkit that growth leaders can adapt to their own circumstances."--J. M. Ryan, Senior Fellow, Wharton Executive Education and President and Founder, True North Advisory Group


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