The Power of You: How to Live Your Authentic, Exciting, Joy-Filled Life Now!

By Chris Michaels
Winner of the 2014 Nautilus Award represents Better Books for a Better World the Silver Award in the category of Personal Growth/ Self-Help.
Practical, motivating, and inspiring ways to unleash your potential from one of today s most exciting spiritual teachers!

You are a masterpiece. You have everything you need right now to create your life exactly as you want it to be.
Successful people will often say that when they re at their peak performance level, they feel a sense of some "other presence" with them something beyond themselves. That "other presence" seems bigger than their own talent or personality.
"The Power of You" guides readers in discovering the "other presence" that resides within all of us. As author and spiritual director Chris Michaels shows, once we are able to tap into this presence, we can use it to help improve every aspect of our lives."

"Dr. Chris Michaels is one of the finest spiritual teachers I know. This book, The Power of You, is a magnificent bridge into the glory and vast potential of the true You, your Higher Self. As you read, you'll find yourself moving out of the collective trance states of self-doubt, self-denial, self-pity and that pervasive sense of inadequacy. Read this wonderful book, share it widely, and bring us all the gifts of your 'imprisoned splendor!'" --Dr. Roger W. Teel, Senior Minister and Spiritual Director of Mile Hi Church (Denver, CO) and author of "This Life is Joy!" "The Power of You is fresh air for the spirit: a real, practical pointer in the direction of the presence inside us all that, once met, changes everything for the oh-so-much better." --Victoria Moran, author of "Main Street Ve"gan "The Power of You is an inspirational, practical guide to living a life that is richer than you've ever imagined. Chris Michaels offers powerful spiritual wisdom to help you open your heart to your own magnificence, and provides exercises to apply this wisdom in your everyday life. This is a book to savor and to treasure." --Ava Diamond, international speaker and author of "Great Quotes from Feisty Women" "Chris Michaels is the Norman Vincent Peale for our generation. He has written a 'gateway' book -- one that introduces big essential life questions about who we are and what we are here to do, and then answers them simply and clearly through principles, inspiring stories and humor. You'll want to read this book with a highlighter!" --August Gold, co-author of "The Prayer Chest" and "Multiply Your Blessings" "Dr. Chris Michaels has written a passionate and compelling book about such questions as why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing? In bold, confident and fearless language, Dr. Chris takes on the big ideas: God, your mind, and the very purpose of existence. At the end of the book I felt like I had been picked up, dusted off, straightened out and placed gently back on the path of my own soul's assignment." --Edward Viljoen, author of "The Power of Meditation" "God broke the mold after He created Chris Michaels. In The Power of You, Chris' brilliance and originality as a master teacher shines through on every page with authenticity, transparency, wit, wisdom, and a plethora of sidesplitting humor. If you are wise enough to follow his lead, Chris will guide you, prod you, lift you, but mostly, inspire you to take full ownership of the power you were given to be yourself. The truth is that God broke the mold after He created you as well. Now is the time to prove it." --Dennis Merritt Jones, author of "The Art of Uncertainty "and" Your Redefining Moments" "In The Power of You, Chris Michaels creates a portal into a vast new understanding of life. The ideas and images he projects are clear and palatable, even when addressing concepts that may otherwise seem elusive. The Power of You does not talk to us, but rather awakens a knowing within us that has been waiting patiently to emerge. This wonderful book will leave us all feeling better about ourselves and more open to exploring life's greatest mysteries." --John B. Waterhouse, president of Centers for Spiritual Living


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ISBN: 9780399162602

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Publisher Tarcher
Publish date 12/26/2013
Pages 262
ISBN-13 9780399162602
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