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Pre-Commerce: How Companies and Customers Are Transforming Business Together

    By Bob Pearson
Ideas for leaders to engage directly with customers to shape their brand and marketplace success

Since its debut E-commerce has been centered on the "transaction, " which represents less than one percent of the time we spend online."" Now, we are entering the era of Pre-Commerce where customers make their own "decision" to buy or support a brand before the transaction. "Pre-Commerce" explains how the exploding use of social media channels has fundamentally changed the way customers go about making their purchasing decisions, how they educate themselves and why they choose to support certain brands above others. It shows what executives must do to re-create the way their companies interact with and learn from their customers, employees and competitors. It includes exclusive interviews and anecdotes Pearson has conducted or experienced with numerous influential C-suite executives during his time as leader of Dell's global social media team and as a consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, worldwide. Offers a step-by-step process for leaders to apply this knowledge to begin transforming their companies, right now Begins with a foreword from Mark Addicks, Chief Marketing Officer, General Mills Over 25 Fortune 500 executives interviewed, including special side-bar interviews with Michael Dell and Marc Benioff Explores the concept of "Pre-commerce"--the customer's decision making happens well before a transaction takes place and continues after the transaction, representing 99% of time spent online, often outside a company's reach today Shows how to build internal employee networks and how to take your first and most important steps to integrate social media throughout your company.

Pearson reveals that the best ideas are often free and the technology needed is rarely a cost-issue. Instead, it's a matter of the top executive deciding to adopt a new way of engaging directly with its customers.


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Posted March 23, 2011, 7:09 AM with category of General Business
It may be no surprise to you that the internet has changed your business, but with the rise in social media, those changes will continue, and will reveal great opportunities for those who are paying attention. Bob Pearson, chief technology and media officer at WCG, has written a book called Pre-Commerce: How Companies and Customers Are Transforming Business Together, describing those changes and how leaders can apply the right knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities they bring. To further describe some of the ideas contained within the book, I sent Mr. Read more


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