The Pre-Hire Assessment Handbook: How Science and Big Data Can Transform Corporate Recruiting

By Charles Handler, Josh Bersin
Leverage Pre-Hire Assessments and Big Data to Power Your Talent Acquisition

"The Pre-Hire Assessment Handbook: How Science and Big Data Can Transform Corporate Recruiting" presents an easy-to-understand and up-to-date summary of best practices for the hands-on use of pre-hire assessment tools, weaving technical and practical aspects into a universally applicable four-step model. Coverage includes an overview of the various available tools, with guidance toward using the right type of assessment at the right point in the hiring process. Readers will learn about pre-hire assessment science, understand how to select and implement a pre-hire assessment solution, how to measure results, and how to leverage Big Data and talent analytics for scalable, high quality hiring. Detailed examples are included throughout. In addition, this book provides a unique and much-needed model for linking pre-hire assessment to post-hire development, helping readers understand how pre-hire assessment, development planning, training, and career development all fit together. Included supplementary reports cover specialized topics, including legal compliance, bridging recruitment and talent management, and more.

Throughout its fifty-year history, employment testing has been highly esoteric, misunderstood, and sometimes misused. The past decade has seen an unprecedented increase in the use of these tools, with the accompanying increase in testing options, new technologies, data analytics, as well as a proliferation of low-quality products. This book helps readers determine the best strategy for their needs, and gives criteria to help select the right solution. Specifically it will help readers: Determine the position's strategic value to the organization Understand the pros and cons of various assessment tools Evaluate the business impact of hiring decisions Employ a strategy that helps ensure legal compliance

There is a science to people management, and as with any science, more data means better conclusions. Pre-hire assessments are the easiest way to apply a scientific approach, and "The Pre-Hire Assessment Handbook" provides clear strategy and step-by-step guidance on applying them correctly.


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