Preparing Ceos for Success: What I Wish I Knew

By Leslie W Braksick, James S Hillgren
PREPARING CEOs FOR SUCCESS! Here are the true experts on becoming a successful CEO the men and women who have actually done it! Here, in their own voices, more than two-dozen CEOs from top global companies tell you What I Wish I Knew prior to taking the top job. They reveal what future CEOs and leaders at all levels need to do to prepare for and navigate tomorrow s leadership challenges. The book is divided into three key sections What We Discovered includes the 8 key themes that CEOs told us they were not prepared for, and wish they had known more about: transitioning, decision-making, public scrutiny, working with their Board of Directors, and more. The CEO Prerequisites includes 6 key personal qualities, 9 specific career experiences, and 9 tested management practices that they rely on most heavily every day. The CEO Handbook is your personal guide for the most critical aspects of being a CEO. It overflows with anecdotes and advice on leading your new team, combating isolation on the job, managing work-life balance and more.


NEWS & OPINION: Could You Be The CEO?

Posted July 30, 2010, 7:37 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
A few people mentioned the book Preparing CEOs For Success: What I Wish I Knew to me, and admittedly, I haven't gotten around to it until now, months after its May pub date. What I didn't realize I was missing, was more than just some expert's opinion about the challenges and successes of being CEO. This book is a formal guide for understanding what it takes to be CEO of a company, from personality, to practice, to leadership, to how you are perceived by others. Read more


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