Processing New Information: Classroom Techniques to Help Students Engage with Content

By Tzeporaw Sahadeo Turner, Robert J Marzano, Gwendolyn L Bryant (Joint author), Kelly Harmon (Joint author)
Can your students encode critical information into their long-term memories? To meet rigorous standards, students need to be able to retrieve critical information and comprehend key features of the content. They must be able to authentically engage with content so they can effectively process the learning and store it for future use. Processing New Information: Classroom Techniques to Help Students Engage With Content explores explicit techniques for mastering this crucial strategy of instructional practice. It includes adaptations for various student populations, examples and nonexamples from classroom practice, and strategies to avoid making common mistakes.

"Highly recommended for teams of teachers committed to refining and retooling their practices with techniques that are proven to work." -- Anne E. Hasse "2013 Wisconsin Elementary Teacher of the Year"


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ISBN: 9781941112038

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Publisher Learning Sciences International
Publish date 04/20/2015
Pages 90
ISBN-13 9781941112038
ISBN-10 194111203X
Language English

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