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#Qualitytweet Book01: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Deliver Quality in Every Project

By Tanmay Vora
Most companies acknowledge the need for a good quality system in their organization. However, most of today's quality initiatives are based on heavy-weight processes, models and metrics. At a time when the attention span of people is shrinking, how do you crystallize key ideas to simplify the process improvement journey? '#QUALITYtweet' is a handy collection of 140 bite sized ideas on practical aspects of Quality Management with a focus on people, processes, and leadership. It offers interesting perspectives to build and enhance quality of products and services through effective people management, process improvement, and organization culture building. This is a book you can read in 15 minutes, over and over again to gather alternative perspectives on different aspects of Quality. A very useful collection for business owners, top leaders, improvement experts, project managers, process managers and project teams to build a customer-oriented quality culture, to drive excellence, and provide superior customer value. '#QUALITYtweet' is part of the #THINKtweet series which a comprised of books that are 100 pages in length that contain 140 well-thought out quotes (tweets) that are 140 characters or less.



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Price: $19.95/ea

Publisher Thinkaha
Publish date 11/01/2009
Pages 112
Availability Available
ISBN-10 1607730642
Language English

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