Reach! Finding Strength, Spirit and Personal Power

By Laila Ali

Combining a gripping personal story with practical advice on such subjects as diet, training, family, romance, and much more, Laila Ali shows readers of all ages and backgrounds how to transform the demons of self-doubt and stagnation into positive, winning energy.

Since her professional debut three years ago, Laila Ali has set the world of women's boxing on fire. The daughter of the world's most famous boxer, she has more than come into her won, winning ten straight fights with breathtaking confidence and poise - including a bout with Jacqui Frazier that was the most highly publicized female boxing event ever.

But Laila's journey to success was not without struggle. In this revealing book, she describes - with striking humility and a streetwise wisdom beyond her years - how she made many mistakes along the way, but eventually managed to overcome every obstacle that life threw at her. In fifteen straight-talking, hard-hitting "rounds," Laila offers her dynamic formula for physical, emotional, and mental power, and demonstrates how to sidestep feelings of self-pity and defeatism.

Some of the life experiences that Laila recounts are ones many young people face, while others are related to her unique circumstances. Born with a proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, she never felt comfortable, as a child, in her parents' mansion - surrounded by maids, celebrity visitors, and hangers-on - and longed for a "normal" existence. As an adolescent, she became increasingly drawn into negative behavior. But after she found herself, at age sixteen, in juvenile hall, Laila realized it was time to make a change in her life. She resolved to become a responsible, financially independent adult, and soon achieved her long-time dream of owning her own manicure business. Ultimately, however, she would find success in another arena: professional boxing.

Revised and updated in 2017.


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