Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving in

By Mark Goulston, John Ullmen
People won't put up with being "sold" anymore. If they sense they are being pushed, their guard goes up--and even if they do comply, lingering resentment undermines the relationship...maybe forever. Yet, most books on influence still portray it as something you "do to" someone else to get your way. That out-of-date approach invites resistance or cynicism from those who recognize the techniques. Manipulative tactics might occasionally wear down a colleague's or client's resistance, but they fail to produce the mutual trust that sustains successful relationships. In short, they just won't work in our sophisticated, post-selling world. In this groundbreaking book, authors Mark Goulston and John Ullmen reveal a new model for authentic influence--the kind that creates a strong initial connection and survives long after agreement has been reached. Based on listening, genuine engagement and commitment to win-win outcomes, "Real Influence" provides a powerful four-step method you can use to: - Examine your priorities - Learn about the key players and what they need - Earn their attention and motivate them to hear more - Add value with your questions and actions Complete with examples of the steps in action and insights from real-world "power influencers," this one-of-a-kind guide shows that being straight with everyone means winning for all.

"["Real Influence"] offers a full course banquet of fresh ideas for the price of a modest dinner." --Inland Empire Business Journal



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ISBN: 9780814420157

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Publisher Amacom
Publish date 01/02/2013
Pages 272
ISBN-13 9780814420157
ISBN-10 081442015X
Language English

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