Reality-Based Leadership Workshop Facilitator's Guide Set

By Cy Wakeman

Reality-Based Leadership Workshop Facilitator's Guide

Want to ditch the drama, restore sanity to your workplace, and turn excuses into results in your organization? The Reality-Based Leadership Workshop shows leaders how to restore peace to the workplace so there is time to focus on the bottom line. Infused with Cy Wakeman's winning style, this lively workshop opens your leaders' eyes to the unproductive ways they spend their time at work helps them gain new perspectives of themselves as employees, and then shows them how to apply these lessons to become better leaders of their direct reports.

Based on Cy Wakeman's popular book Reality-Based Leadership, the Workshop Facilitator's Guide set includes everything you need to conduct a winning program that conveys Wakeman's candid, humorous approach to leadership. Using the Reality-Based Leadership model will challenge your participants to discard traditional practices and conventional wisdoms in leadership and instead conserve the energy lost in drama and turn excuses into results by developing the five most valuable competencies in your teams: Reality-based thinking; Organizational alignment; Capitalizing on change; Driving results; and Accountability. During the workshop participants will learn what it takes to

  • Uncover destructive thought patterns within themselves and others

  • Diffuse drama and lead the person in front of them

  • Stop managing and start leading, empowering others to focus on facts and think for themselves

The workshop gives you the tools to take participants through the program and prepare them to return to their workplaces equipped with the facts-based, confident approach of a Reality-Based Leader, capable of liberating and inspiring others.

The Reality-Based Leadership Workshop Facilitator's Guide set includes the following components

  • Reality-Based Leadership Workshop Facilitator's Guide with flash drive

  • Reality-Based Leadership Workshop Participant Workbook

  • Reality-Based Leadership Self-Assessment

The workshop is designed as a daylong session. The material can also be used for one-hour "lunch-and-learn" modules or for previous participants to refresh their knowledge of Reality-Based Leadership.


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