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Reinventing the Wheel: The Science of Creating Lifetime Customers

By Chris Zane
When Chris Zane bought his bicycle shop at age 16, his business struggled until he discovered the secret that catapulted his store into one of the largest in the country. His secret? Provide unbelievable, over the top, excessively generous customer service.

Chris Zane isn’t a management consultant or professor preaching a theory of customer service; he’s a hands-on entrepreneur whose customer service approach has yielded enormous success. Zane has become a business celebrity, including being featured in the most recent round of American Express television ads.

Featured in the New York Times and in Associated Press articles and bestowed numerous awards for its unique business practices and outstanding customer relations, Zane’s Cycles has produced ideas thought by many to be pie-in-the-sky. But these counterintuitive concepts have proven to be hard-headed and effective. For example, Zane’s offers a trade-in program for families who can turn in bicycles their kids have outgrown for a 100 percent credit toward new ones. Initially thought impossibly generous, this program has proven to be good business. Experience and a clear understanding of the lifetime value of a customer makes this program, and many others Zane’s implements, work.

In Reinventing the Wheel, commonly overlooked elements that make a business exceptional are revealed. Zane produces a case study unlike any other—one that shows the importance of investing in customers and employees and how businesses are really selling experiences, not products. His philosophies and tried-and-true methods of guerilla marketing will show entrepreneurs and business owners how to knock out the competition while thriving in any kind of economy and doing good for the community along the way.

"Chris' practical approach for balancing the art and science of service delivers exceptional customer experience. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to maximize the value of lifelong customer relationships." --Cody Phipps, President and COO, United Stationers Inc. "Chris Zane's "Reinventing the Wheel" provides insights, proven practices, and anecdotal customer experience vignettes that demonstrate success by having a relentless focus on the 'Lifetime Value of the Customer.' With an ever-increasing competitive market, where products and services are easily commoditized, Chris offers pragmatic approaches to consistently providing the best customer service "experience" resulting in improved loyalty and brand recognition." --Joe M. Shaheen, Director-General Manager, The Boeing Service Company ""Reinventing the Wheel" is a must and easy read...from a genuine real-life, world-class entrepreneur...who 'hugs' and embraces each customer and turns each one into a client for LIFE! ... Chris openly shares all his secrets of success-- love his stories...a gem in every one of them. Anyone who believes that customer service is central to their business culture needs to read this book!" --Jack Mitchell, President, Mitchells/Richards/Marsh and author of "Hug Your Customers" "The first time I heard Chris Zane speak about customer service and creating lifetime customers, it changed my thinking forever. Get ready for a similar experience as you read this book." --Steve Church, Senior Vice President, Chief Business Development and Process Officer, Avnet, Inc. "Chris Zane's bold --and practical-- approach to cultivating lifetime customers holds valuable lessons for businesses large and small. Through a series of engaging stories, Chris shares his recipe for experiences that offer more than what customers expect. And he shows us how to build deep emotional bonds, even in the face of material price premiums. A fascinating read and an excelle


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