Reinventing You: The 10 Best Ways to Launch Your Dream Career

By Lisa Lockwood
"Reinventing YOU" reveals the top 10 success secrets Lisa Lockwood has distilled from a life filled with enigmatic career reinventions. Acting on the secrets revealed in this book will get you exactly what you want and deserve today!
Most people want to spend time doing what they love and harness more energy to fulfill that desire. Because of that wish, we reinvent ourselves!
In "Reinventing YOU," you will learn what causes the need to reinvent, how to reinvent effectively, and the tell-tale signs of when it s time to do it again.
This book will empower you with the ability to choose reinvention vs. having reinvention thrust upon you. It will give you the ability to take control of your reinvention in order to get the most from your life. There will always be factors or surprises that take you away from your goals and dreams. It is how you deal with those events that will permit you to get back on track sooner to fulfill your life s mission, vision, and purpose!"


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Publisher Morgan James Publishing
Publish date 01/01/2014
Pages 180
ISBN-13 9781614485506
ISBN-10 161448550X
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