Rengen: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer - And What It Means to Your Business

By Patricia Martin
Ideas - and the forms in which they are expressed - are the new currency. Yet many companies, the media, and even the general population mistakenly see America as an intellectual and cultural wasteland defined by reality television and fast food. RenGen is about the rise of the next "renaissance generation" - an emerging section of the American public who are enlightened, creative, and eager to challenge the status quo.
RenGen draws a new picture of the American consumer as a thinking, expressive person and examines the factors that are giving rise to this renaissance, including:
  • a new class of workers dedicated to creating innovation
  • a growing desire to express new ideas and concepts aesthetically
  • and, a new respect for learning-fueled by the Internet, a medium that links ideas, information, and visuals and connects people aross communities

Based on original research, RenGen gives leaders a lens through which to consider important business decisions.


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Publish date 06/28/2007
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