Rescuing Healthcare: A Leadership Prescription to Make Healthcare What We All Want It to Be

By Antony Bell, Denis A Cortese, MD
Healthcare in America is wildly inconsistent and uncomfortably close to bankruptcy, and the only way it can be rescued is with leaders in all the different areas of healthcare stepping up with the right kind of leadership. The problem is that they don't realize the importance of their leadership, and even when they do, they don't know how to lead. Rescuing Healthcare shows them (and the rest of us) why it's so important that they do step up, and--the critical ingredient--it shows them how to exercise the right kind of leadership--whatever their role or contribution. And for the rest of us as consumers, it shows us what we should be expecting ... and demanding. The goal of this book, then, is nothing less than the salvation and transformation of healthcare.


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Publisher Morgan James Publishing
Publish date 04/04/2017
Pages 250
ISBN-13 9781683501367
ISBN-10 1683501365
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