Reset: How to Beat the Job-Loss Blues and Get Ready for Your Next Act

By Dwain Schenck
Welcome to the new world of job "in"security.
"Layoff." If you haven't experienced one, you know someone who has. Dwain Schenck speaks with authority; not only has he seen energetic, talented, and accomplished friends undergo the stress of job loss, but he, too, has felt the sting of being "let go."
"Reset "is the uncompromising portrait of Schenck's journey: a successful journalist and communications professional who joins the ranks of the unemployed during the most dismal job market in modern history, his initial reactions of denial and depression sabotage his morale and motivation. Then, with the assistance of friends, wisdom from experts, and good old-fashioned creativity and tenacity, Schenck turns his attitude around. The hard-won, valuable advice and techniques in these pages can work for anyone concerned about job loss or keeping a job. "Reset "can position you to get back on your feet, often landing in a better place. Schenck covers a wide variety of topics with a humorous, light touch that balances the serious subjects within, which include: The Emotional Phases of Unemployment Who Am I? Insecurity and Uncertainty Rules for Effective Networking Knowing Your Value in a Buyer's Market The Social Life of the Unemployed Mastering the Art of Reinvention"With insight and inspiration from Mika Brzezinski, Donald Trump, Christine Hefner, Mort Zuckerman, Susie Essman, Donny Deutsch, Larry David, Joe Echevarria, Mike Barnicle, and Joe Scarborough"

Roanoke Daily Herald, 1/16/2014 "Definitely, this is a book for job-seekers but there's plenty here for upper management, CEOs and anyone along the job spectrum who knows that, well, you never know. If that's you, then Reset is a book to hit."


  • 9780738216959
  • 9780738216959

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