Responsible Leadership: Lessons from the Front Line of Sustainability and Ethics

By Mark Moody Stuart
* The ultimate insider s view of corporate responsibility and ethics from the boardrooms of some of the world s largest corporations* New ideas on how to seek collaborative solutions to the market failures of climate change and corruption* How Shell dealt with the Brent Spar and Ken Saro-Wiwa controversies and what they learnt* A manifesto for responsible leadership* Dilemmas and lessons from the front line of corporate responsibilityAs Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell Group from 1991 2001 and of Anglo American plc from 2002 2009, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart is as qualified as anyone on the planet to discuss the realities, dilemmas and lessons to be learned from the last 20 years of corporate engagement with sustainability, ethics and responsibility. In this unique book part memoir, part confessional, part manifesto for leadership we hear a unique voice from the front line of corporate responsibility. Moody-Stuart retraces the steps of a remarkable journey from being a postgraduate geologist to being at the helm of two of the largest corporations in the world.We hear of dealings with dictators and prime ministers, colleagues and NGOs, rivals and friends. We travel from Syria to Nigeria; Iraq to Downing Street; and from the machinations of the United Nations to those inside the boardroom of Shell. We see Shell s "annus horribilis" in 1995 unfold through the eyes of an insider, and how Brent Spar and the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa sent shockwaves through the company, resulting in a complete reappraisal of its mission and principles. We hear about the oil and mining sectors and their complicated development role in areas of conflict and corruption; the way that markets have failed us on climate change and corruption; and how governments need to step up to the global challenges we face. We hear how the Deep Water Horizon could have been avoided; what Shell were asked to do by Tony Blair during the UK fuel blockades of 2000 and why they declined; why China is too important to ignore; and why the Global Compact is too important to fail. We hear lessons from a life spent living in 10 different countries and we come to realize that, for corporations, trying to do the right thing can sometimes be almost impossible. We also come to know a deeply ethical and thoughtful leader."


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Publish date 03/14/2014
Pages 256
ISBN-13 9781906093969
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